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Things Are Rocking at Zeekler! | July 25, 2010

Zeekler is the hottest thing to hit the Internet in a VERY long time! Sure, Penny Auctions are out there, but when have you EVER heard of one that PAYS you when those you’ve introduced to Zeekler go to the auctions and purhase bids? Yes, Zeekler is the only one. AND with Zeekler you get a wholesale store that’s full of fantastic and LOW priced amazing products! You also get a retail store you can send people to and when they purchase something, YOU get paid for that too!

So many people are raving about things they’ve won on Zeekler, from Ipads to a gorgeous watch exactly like the one Sandra Bullock wore in the movie; The Blind Side!

With our economy in this crazy situation, people are BEGGING for a way to improve their finances. The ONLY way is to find a home based business. Even Donald Trump said that very thing. A home business is the only way for Americans to solve the no job problem. Even if you have a job, chances are you’re not making enough to truly have the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want to do it.

Naturally we’re not EVER telling anyone Zeekler is a “get rich quick” opportunity. There is NO such thing. If someone tells you they have an opportunity for instant wealth, run don’t walk as fast as you can. Your earnings will directly reflect the effort and time you put into building your business. Additionally, you’re going to have to find a way to market your business. If you do some searching you can find ways of getting your business seen and traffic to your website, but it’s going to take some time. If you have little money it will take more of your own effort. If you have some money to spend on advertising or marketing, you’ll still need to spend time on your business. No effort=no $$$!

Get on as many of the daily calls as possible. You may think you’ve heard it all before but most successful people say every call they get on they learn something new or that they’d never thought of before. AND you’re sharing some time with people who want succss and a bright financial future.

Watch the BOSS for information on a new evening call number and an hour later call time.

Read books on success. Put the advice into practice. GO FOR IT!

Chris Molinari, Editor


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