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How to Recognize a Scam from “The Real Deal!” | August 8, 2010

By Dawn Wright-Olivares
Zeekler Int’l Mktg. Director

 If you are new to Penny Auctions, Network Marketing or both…and are wondering: “Is this a scam?” “How is it possible for this company to actually auction away these items at such ridiculous prices?” “Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?” You’ve come to the right place. First and foremost, the answer is No, we are not a scam. Like  other Penny Auctions, our business model loses money on approximately 70% of the products in our auctions. We make our money on “bidding activity” and also earn revenue on approximately 30% of specific auctions.

Here’s how it works: Every person who bids on Zeekler purchases what is called a “Bid Pack.” Our bids cost the bidder .80c each. When a bid is placed on an auction item (let’s say for the sake of this example – it’s an Apple iPad.) the company receives that .80c on every bid. So, on a $10.00 item – 1000 bids were placed – and the company received the equivalent of $800.

 We pay commissions and overrides up to .25c per bid – so the company now has $550 to work with. Then we purchase and ship the iPad to the winner which costs us $499. The company just retained $51, you just walked away for an iPad for $10 and the referring members responsible for your coming to bid (and win) on Zeekler earn “thank you” commissions on the bids you purchased. That’s what we like to call… “A Win – Win – Win Proposition!” We are extremely dedicated at Zeekler to our Fair Bidding Policy and to maintaining a fun, safe and profitable environment for our bidders and representatives.

Our parent company Rex Venture Group has been in business 13 years and has historically paid its representatives in the field  every commission check earned since its’ inception. “Is this a Pyramid Scheme?” Of course not!! “Pyramids” or “Money Games” are illegal and ask its’ participants to wrap money in tin foil and FedEx it to “someone else” with no exchange for product or service!

 The pyramidal structure is actually the “model” structure of every corporation and even the U.S. Social Security system. Why then are pyramids illegal? Because there is no “exchange” of product or service for the money spent and the only ones who “collect” money are the people at the top of the pyramid. When there are no longer enough people coming and sending money “up” to move people thru the pyramid – the pyramid collapses. An example of a legal – yet collapsing pyramidal structure/system is what is happening to social security. The baby boomers are all coming of age to collect (at the top of the pyramid)- with not enough people paying in from the bottom!! The structure will then collapse. Every CEO is at the top of his/her company’s pyramidal structure. That’s why he/she makes so much more than a mailroom worker. At Zeekler, with our compensation plan, every person has the same opportunity to achieve the same income or out-earn the person who sponsored them into the program.


PennyBurners – The leading watchdog resource of legitimate, authentic, unpaid Penny Auction verifications, has reported the following about

PennyBurners Final Say: We are excited about Zeekler! They are dedicated to providing an honest penny auction site and they offer some exciting features that you can’t find everywhere else. We have verified their site legitimacy and feel comfortable telling our users they can safely spend their money at To leave reviews and feedback, or to discuss this article please visit the Zeekler Thread <>  in the PennyBurners Community.”To read the full article please visit:
Zeekler is committed to maintaining a robust auction website with multiple types of auctions, features, and lucrative ways for all the ZEO’s at Zeekler to make money.” excerpt from interview w/ Dawn Wright-Olivares & Alexandre de Brantes – Zeekler

Zeek Receives the PAL Seal of Approval

Chris Molinari, Editor


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