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Last Week We Passed Our 400 FB Fanpage Mark…Let’s Get it to 4,000! | August 22, 2010

To all our Zeekler Members, new Fans and others on the fence “thinking” about joining Zeekler…”Get off that fence and jump into the fun!” You’ll have fun being a part of the Zeekler family, you’ll have fun bidding on great products and even MORE fun watching as your income grows week-by-week!

There are so many ways to make money at Zeekler. First of all, there is NO ONE who doesn’t get the importance of a “residual income.” That means that monthly…. and if you put your heart and soul into it you could receive a WEEKLY, welcome check in the mail that could turn your whole financial future around.

Did you notice the weekly unemployment numbers were at an all time high of 500,000?!!! That’s 1/2 MILLION good Americans out of work! If you have a job that’s great, but wouldn’t it feel wonderful knowing you were building a business that was creating another stream of income that could get you through ANY economic meltdown?

 How would it feel knowing you were building a financial fortress for yourself and your family? No matter what way the financial “wind blows,” if you have cashflow coming in on a continual basis you can pay off your bills, save some money and not have to live through the stresses of “too much month left at the end of the money.”

For some reason, America has become rather complacent in thinking, “Oh well, pretty soon it will all turn around and go back to the way it was.” “Jobs will come back.” Well, what if they don’t? Do you have a “Plan B?” Most people don’t.

Families and friends are moving in together just to “make it.” People are literally walking away from their homes because they are upside down in their mortgage. Many Americans are living on the edge. One paycheck away from the streets is not the way to live. But YOU are the only one who can do something about it!

Talk to ENOUGH people and soon you will begin to get “Yes” instead of “No.” People say no because it’s a well-planned lie. They are in fear of losing something. They’ve heard it all before. They’ve been disillusioned and disappointed. With Zeekler people can start for as little as TEN dollars! No huge risk there! And you don’t HAVE to participate in every auction to make money!

Those who are FREE under you will generate income to YOU just by purchasing Bid Packs. You’ll get paid on those who upgrade to full membership!

You can save money by shopping  at your own Wholesale Store! What’s not to LOVE about Zeekler? It’s ALL a WIN-WIN! Everyone in Zeekler works as a Team and Family.

We’re here to support one another in our Success! Join us. Get busy. Help enough people get what THEY want and YOU will get everything YOU want!

Welcome to your Future!

Chris Molinari, Editor


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