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Zeekler Recognized in Penny Auction Reviews! We’re FAMOUS! | August 27, 2010

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Not only do you get free bids with registration and a friend referral, but now you have the luxury of earning free bids for the life that your referral is active on Zeekler. If they buy bids, you get bids it’s that simple.

We’ve had the pleasure to interview one of Zeekler Penny Auction’s founders and here’s what he had to say about his company and the industry. We also want to give them a huge thanks for allowing us to audit their administration area and we can assure you guys that this penny auction is free of any bots. This is a requirement that all our featured Penny Auctions go through and we feel should be the standard across this industry.

Click HERE to visit Zeekler or continue reading for the full interview.

Q.Right off the bat, we notice you’re pretty transparent when it comes to getting in contact with your customers. Clearly there’s a great emphasis on customer service which we feel should be a primary concern in this business. What’s your view on this topic?

Zeekler is completely committed to customer service! We want our customers to engage with us and have built in many ways for them to do so. We have several ways that people can reach us either through the website contact us form, the Zeekler Fanpage, several direct phone contacts as well as our live conference calls which we hold Mon-Thursday at 4pm est and 9pm est.

Q. In light of recent negativity on this business we take great pride in our work and protecting the consumer, how does your company offer the same protection to your community?

At Zeekler we protect the consumer with our fair bidding policy, user agreements and privacy policy.  We are always watching our auctions to insure against any fraudulent activity.

Q.That’s really good to hear. Now tell us Zeekler is a pretty interesting name for any business, What’s the inspiration behind the name?

The CEO’s wife thought it was a cool name so he bought it!  We thought it was brandable and catchy…so we ran with it    Our mascot quickly became “Zeek Zeekler” and the rest is history in the making!

Q.How was Zeekler born? and who’s behind the Zeekler name?

Zeekler was born by word of mouth! Paul Burks wanted something new, fresh, exciting and sticky that coupled well with his existing online shopping business model and affiliate program.  We were sent a penny auction site by a family member and it was up and down in 9 days.  The site was gone but the model had us all intrigued.  We thought “highly commissionable, sticky, viral, profitable…what’s not to like?”  A week later we were in development. The people behind Zeekler consist of Paul Burks (owner) Dawn Wright-Olivares(Int’l Mktg Director/Dev), Dan Olivares (Programmer/Dev), Alex de Brantes(Community Mgr/Soc. Media), and a strong co-operative of leaders and marketers in the field.

Q.How long after the initial idea did you open your doors to the public? and how much time did you spend beta testing?

The site was developed from scratch starting in February 2010, we beta tested for almost three months under the name FSC Auctions and officially opened our doors as Zeekler in June, 2010. We implemented a brand new design, and facebook connect within the last 6 weeks and are looking forward to retail season.

Q.There has been quite a price war amongst penny auctions on the cost of bids. How much do your bid packs cost? and are there any refund policies?

The price per bid at Zeekler is $0.80/bid. We do not offer refunds nor do we vary in our bid prices due to our ZAP (Zeekler Affiliate Program).  We commission out up to .20c per bid on every bid purchased to our referring members.  This is what makes Zeekler different.  We do however offer bid promotions and occasional discounted bid pack offers.  We also do a great deal of contests and give-aways on our Facebook fan page.

Q.Do you give free bids with new registrations?

We give two free bids upon registration.  We are also going to offer 3 extra free bids for “liking” our FB Fanpage – which we are in the process of implementing.

Q.Great, so free bids are great but more free bids are even better. How does your referral program work?

For every person you refer to the website you get two free bids.  With ZAP – Free members earn $0.05 (a nickel) per bid on every bid pack purchased by their personally referred members. Premium members earn up to $0.20c per bid and qualify for roll-up commissions and overrides.  If you are interested in earning with ZAP – please join Zeekler under the following link and you will be connected with one of our leadership co-operative members as your sponsor

Q.How long after a win can a bidder expect the product to arrive? and what shipping service do you use?

The packages typically ship within 7-10 days via UPS or USPS.

Q.Are the packages insured incase they get lost?

The packages are tracked by their carriers.  We have not implemented “insuring” packages however none have ever been “lost” to date.

Q.Are there any big auctions or promotions coming up?

We are currently running a 40% bonus bid offer on every bid pack purchased by 8/26/10 @ midnight est in celebration of our 400th Facebook Fan!!  It’s our biggest bid give away to date – so hurry up and take advantage of it before it expires!

We are also planning our first charity auction for  in September.  Any Zeekler member can participate.  If you would like to support FreetheHikers in perpetuity with your bid purchases – you may register at:

Q.One last question. Can we get a poster of the little guy in the Zeekler logo? seriously no one gives us posters.

LOL – We’re working on tee-shirts as we speak.  We’ll see what we can do about a poster.  I am sure we can arrange something!

Great, we’re looking forward to getting out Zeekler shirt and more importantly we looking forward to earning free bids for all the referrals we’re going to send your way.

PS starting next week, Zeekler is going to have 12 hour Auction Days so those Free bid referrals will come in handy.

Article provided by Dawn Wright-Olivares, International Marketing Director, Zeekler

Chris Molinari, Editor


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