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Don’t Miss the Zeekler Train! It’s Leaving the Station! | September 12, 2010

Everyone had better get on board this fast moving Zeekler Train! We’re making a huge splash all over the Internet. Even other Penny Auction sites are recognizing us as an up-and-coming Company to watch carefully! We’re all over Facebook and our FB Fan Page is growing daily! If you haven’t “liked” our page get on line and go to our Fan Page and hit the “Like” thumbs up icon!

Naturally there will always be an opportunity in Zeekler for those who join YEARS from now. But it’s always a good idea to get a head start before the masses jump on board!

Invite anyone and everyone you know to get on our opportunity calls we hold daily. If each one invites only ONE per day, pretty soon we’ll have to get a bigger phone bridge! Besides, you get the information you need, both about Zeekler and how to grow your business from the Leaders of our Company!

Just stop and think for a moment. With the MILLIONS of people out of work or UNDEREMPLOYED, there is no limit to who you could talk to about this opportunity. When you help others the result is you help yourself! How would you feel if say, a year from now you are making even a few extra thousand dollars per month because you got to work and put in the time and effort, then one of  your friends, relatives or neighbors asked you why you don’t seem stressed and always have extra money for vacations, new furniture or anything you might need. When you tell them; “Oh, I have been working a home business and it’s doing pretty well for me.” When they ask you why didn’t you tell them, what would you say? “Oh, I didn’t think you’d be interested.” Now what do you think they’re going to say to you?

Naturally you’re going to have people tell you “NO” when you tell them about your business. Those are not the people you want to chase or beg to sign up anyway. You will get enough people saying “YES,” if you just keep going and never, ever give up. Make it a point to talk to a minimum of TEN people EVERY day. Get some business cards or make flyers. Every time you go out hand them out and just ask them to take a look at it and if they KNOW anyone who might need extra money to please “pass it on.” What you just did was take away all the negative energy from them having to tell  you know. You asked them for their help. Of course they will read it and maybe they’ll give you a call and say; “What about me?” Now you have a potential business Associate.

Besides, when they can start for as little as $10 per month, it’s not a huge amount of money or risk for them. Should you find someone who is truly serious they may want to start at the Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level. Just get their interest and see what happens. But remember, FOLLOW UP!

Get out there and make it happen!

Chris Molinari, Editor


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