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Hello Zeekler Members and Fans! | September 26, 2010

Zeekler’s Live Penny Auction Play will be “paused” for 2-3 weeks while we upgrade our servers and ramp up for the Christmas shopping season. Our Reveal auctions, wholesale and retail stores and all other site and company functions are still rockin’ and rolling with a huge influx of industry leaders who have taken “Zeek” by the horns!!

Int’l Mktg. Director Dawn is heading up a very high-end yet very “inexpensive” leadership advertising cooperative that was unavailable and unaffordable for the average Rep. until Dawn was able to get it for our members. Thus,  “Follow Me 1×2” was born! Contact your Sponsor or Dawn Wright-Olivares for more info and get your advertising needs met.

In the meantime, you can get out there and sponsor as many new Zeekler members as you can! We still have an amazing wholesale store you can start checking out and planning your Christmas purchases from all the great items we have for sale at the craziest, rock bottom prices you can imagine!

These last few months of the year could be spent building your business and start the New Year off with a HUGE bang! Zeekler is so inexpensive to get into with people being able to come in with as little as $10 per month! No lotions, potions or pills to stack up in your garage, only to have to toss them out later when they get too old and out-dated!

We have the perfect business model and the feeder program makes sure everyone can get into a positive cash flow if they only get started and introduce it to a few people! Of course the more the better! Get with Dawn and she can explain the whole system. It’s built on advertising so anyone can advertise any business they are working.

The bottom line is this. If you do nothing, guess what’s going to happen? NOTHING! And in this economy NO ONE can afford to do nothing about their financial situation. If you are a procrastinator, you’ll be sitting on your sofa watching the tube and won’t even know that life has literally passed you by. Don’t have to play “catch up!” Get it in gear and engage in the business that is right in the palm of your hand!

Let’s end the year with SUCCESS!

Chris Molinari, Editor


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