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And Now, Introducing Zeek Rewards, THE Perfect Home Business Model | January 24, 2011

Things are hopping at Zeekler Penny Auctions! We’ve added another amazing “perk” to what has already been called a phenomenal home business model.

If having a Penny Auction site that provides the opportunity to win great products at huges discounts wasn’t enough, if being able to get PAID when others you invite to your Zeekler Auction site purchase bids to get in on the Auction “action” was STILL not enough….now we’ve introduced yet another way to earn even more money through what we’re calling; ZeekRewards!

ZeekRewards is a new kind of loyalty rewards program that compensates our Affiliates who help us advertise by posting ads each day for Zeekler. This helps Zeekler AND helps YOU build your business.  All the information on posting ads is located in your back office of Zeekler.

How Do I Qualify?

It’s as Simple as 1,2,3…

Step 1.  Purchase bids for’s Penny Auctions through ZeekRewards only to get your purchase dollars working for you as you earn points through the VIP bid pool. Of course you can purchase bids through Zeekler to use at the auction also. Both types of bids can be used at the auction but they are in different categories. You can find all the information you need also located on your site. Reading every, single word on the site is very important if you want to be knowledgeable and understand the business.

Step 2.  Place ads (free or paid) promoting to help spread the word.

Step 3.  Submit your daily ad placements to ZeekRewards and watch your points grow and grow and grow!

And, you don’t need to be a “super recruiter” to earn money like so many other so-called opportunities.  You will need to bring in at least TWO preferred customers to qualify, but you also have the opportunity to give away free bids to motivate potential customers as long as you have them available. Once you see what happens as your points grow there will be no one who can stop you from shouting about this program from the roof tops!

It is very important that you get on the Monday thru Thursday Zeekler/ZeekRewards calls featuring Mr. Darryle Douglas. His calls are exciting and informational and you’ll learn all you need to know to get started! 2011 could be the year you thrive instead of just “survive” in this crazy economy. Also make sure to take part in the 4:00 PM EST calls for Q & A. You can send your questions in advance to:

Our COO, Ms. Dawn Wright-Olivares or Alex DesBrantes will be available to answer your questions on the afternoon calls. Also, each Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 PM are the Leadership Calls presented by our hard-working COO. Don’t miss them if you are a Leader or simply desire to be one! Again, all numbers are on the front page of

Zeekler Penny Auctions and ZeekRewards is a once in a life time golden opportunity. All you have to do is get on board cause the ZeekRewards Train is on the move! Hop on board for a great ride!

You’ve found what is shaping up to be the most innovative and genius business opportunity ever created. Now just stay engaged, informed, be on all the calls and we’ll see YOU at the TOP! And don’t forget to place those ads!

Chris Molinari, Editor


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