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What’s YOUR “Plan B?” | January 31, 2011

I’m not going to harp on the fact that the economy is not exactly giving us that warm, fuzzy feeling we all used to get when things seemed rosy. Most people who wanted to work could find jobs and we were all at least getting by even though most average Americans weren’t considered rich. Things seemed okay and we didn’t feel all the stress many of us are feeling these days. America is a “can do” country and Americans had that “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” and get on with it attitude. Whever our economy had a “hiccup,” we knew it was just a market adjustment and things would turn around if we gave it a chance.

Well, today is a new day. The old days of “if I lose my job I’ll just find another one,” seem to be less and less of a reality. So let me ask you, do you have a “Plan B” to follow until everyone is welcoming in a new day of prosperity and normalcy, whatever that looks like to you? It’s time to find the “inner-entrepreneur” that we all have inside and run with it. You can be the Captain of your own financial ship and with a little bit of your time can find smooth sailing in calm waters.

If you’ve been plugged in and on the opportunity calls and going on your website regularly you know Zeekler has brought in a whole, new paradigm shift in how home business looks. It’s called ZeekRewards and it will change the face of home business forever. No more do you have to worry about being the best recruiter, the best communicator or the best at bringing in hundreds of people to make money. Even someone with no experience at all can get in on the action and make money just by following the ZeekRewards Compounder instructions!

All you have to do is purchase a bid pack (the size is up to you)  and those bids will give you even more bonus points! AND, for those who introduce one or even a few new people to ZeekRewards you will receive MORE bonus points and it all compounds daily! You can go to your back office and watch it happen every day! Don’t forget to place your Free Ads daily!

For the complete and full picture of the magic of ZeekRewards go to your site and  click on the “How it Works,” “Get Paid,” and FAQ sections to get all the information you need. AND make sure you get on the 9:00 PM EST calls with Mr. Darryle Douglas for a sizzling and informative call Monday through Thursdays!

Here’s the bottom line. ZeekRewards can serve as your “Plan B!” You’re in the right place at the right time with the most perfect business model. No hawking juice drinks, lotions, potions or pills to your friends and family. Zeekler as you know is a Penny Auction paired with a phenomenal business opportunity along with ZeekRewards. Do NOT let this chance at solving your financial challenges pass you by.

Again, don’t forget to place your ads daily on one of the free advertising sites in your back office. Even the ads have been done for you! Within about ten minutes per day you can be watching your income grow and reap those “ZeekRewards!”

PLEASE NOTE: This blog was edited and the reference to the 500 bonus and 200 bonus points was removed. These bonus point amounts were offered to those who had been members for over 120 days in Zeekler PRIOR to the launch of ZeekRewards and was a short-term offer. The Blog was written in January of 2011 and we assumed subsequent members would understand the change in bid points as noted on the ZeekRewards site for people joining at a later date. If there was any confusion we hope things are now clear and understandable. In addition, a $ was never supposed to be in front of the bid points amount. That was a copywriting error by the writer of the blog. The home page of ZeekRewards is where updates are made each time we have changes to anything in the system, unlike a Blog where it is written and archived.


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