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What’s YOUR “Plan B?”

January 31, 2011
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I’m not going to harp on the fact that the economy is not exactly giving us that warm, fuzzy feeling we all used to get when things seemed rosy. Most people who wanted to work could find jobs and we were all at least getting by even though most average Americans weren’t considered rich. Things seemed okay and we didn’t feel all the stress many of us are feeling these days. America is a “can do” country and Americans had that “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” and get on with it attitude. Whever our economy had a “hiccup,” we knew it was just a market adjustment and things would turn around if we gave it a chance.

Well, today is a new day. The old days of “if I lose my job I’ll just find another one,” seem to be less and less of a reality. So let me ask you, do you have a “Plan B” to follow until everyone is welcoming in a new day of prosperity and normalcy, whatever that looks like to you? It’s time to find the “inner-entrepreneur” that we all have inside and run with it. You can be the Captain of your own financial ship and with a little bit of your time can find smooth sailing in calm waters.

If you’ve been plugged in and on the opportunity calls and going on your website regularly you know Zeekler has brought in a whole, new paradigm shift in how home business looks. It’s called ZeekRewards and it will change the face of home business forever. No more do you have to worry about being the best recruiter, the best communicator or the best at bringing in hundreds of people to make money. Even someone with no experience at all can get in on the action and make money just by following the ZeekRewards Compounder instructions!

All you have to do is purchase a bid pack (the size is up to you)  and those bids will give you even more bonus points! AND, for those who introduce one or even a few new people to ZeekRewards you will receive MORE bonus points and it all compounds daily! You can go to your back office and watch it happen every day! Don’t forget to place your Free Ads daily!

For the complete and full picture of the magic of ZeekRewards go to your site and  click on the “How it Works,” “Get Paid,” and FAQ sections to get all the information you need. AND make sure you get on the 9:00 PM EST calls with Mr. Darryle Douglas for a sizzling and informative call Monday through Thursdays!

Here’s the bottom line. ZeekRewards can serve as your “Plan B!” You’re in the right place at the right time with the most perfect business model. No hawking juice drinks, lotions, potions or pills to your friends and family. Zeekler as you know is a Penny Auction paired with a phenomenal business opportunity along with ZeekRewards. Do NOT let this chance at solving your financial challenges pass you by.

Again, don’t forget to place your ads daily on one of the free advertising sites in your back office. Even the ads have been done for you! Within about ten minutes per day you can be watching your income grow and reap those “ZeekRewards!”

PLEASE NOTE: This blog was edited and the reference to the 500 bonus and 200 bonus points was removed. These bonus point amounts were offered to those who had been members for over 120 days in Zeekler PRIOR to the launch of ZeekRewards and was a short-term offer. The Blog was written in January of 2011 and we assumed subsequent members would understand the change in bid points as noted on the ZeekRewards site for people joining at a later date. If there was any confusion we hope things are now clear and understandable. In addition, a $ was never supposed to be in front of the bid points amount. That was a copywriting error by the writer of the blog. The home page of ZeekRewards is where updates are made each time we have changes to anything in the system, unlike a Blog where it is written and archived.


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And Now, Introducing Zeek Rewards, THE Perfect Home Business Model

January 24, 2011
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Things are hopping at Zeekler Penny Auctions! We’ve added another amazing “perk” to what has already been called a phenomenal home business model.

If having a Penny Auction site that provides the opportunity to win great products at huges discounts wasn’t enough, if being able to get PAID when others you invite to your Zeekler Auction site purchase bids to get in on the Auction “action” was STILL not enough….now we’ve introduced yet another way to earn even more money through what we’re calling; ZeekRewards!

ZeekRewards is a new kind of loyalty rewards program that compensates our Affiliates who help us advertise by posting ads each day for Zeekler. This helps Zeekler AND helps YOU build your business.  All the information on posting ads is located in your back office of Zeekler.

How Do I Qualify?

It’s as Simple as 1,2,3…

Step 1.  Purchase bids for’s Penny Auctions through ZeekRewards only to get your purchase dollars working for you as you earn points through the VIP bid pool. Of course you can purchase bids through Zeekler to use at the auction also. Both types of bids can be used at the auction but they are in different categories. You can find all the information you need also located on your site. Reading every, single word on the site is very important if you want to be knowledgeable and understand the business.

Step 2.  Place ads (free or paid) promoting to help spread the word.

Step 3.  Submit your daily ad placements to ZeekRewards and watch your points grow and grow and grow!

And, you don’t need to be a “super recruiter” to earn money like so many other so-called opportunities.  You will need to bring in at least TWO preferred customers to qualify, but you also have the opportunity to give away free bids to motivate potential customers as long as you have them available. Once you see what happens as your points grow there will be no one who can stop you from shouting about this program from the roof tops!

It is very important that you get on the Monday thru Thursday Zeekler/ZeekRewards calls featuring Mr. Darryle Douglas. His calls are exciting and informational and you’ll learn all you need to know to get started! 2011 could be the year you thrive instead of just “survive” in this crazy economy. Also make sure to take part in the 4:00 PM EST calls for Q & A. You can send your questions in advance to:

Our COO, Ms. Dawn Wright-Olivares or Alex DesBrantes will be available to answer your questions on the afternoon calls. Also, each Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 PM are the Leadership Calls presented by our hard-working COO. Don’t miss them if you are a Leader or simply desire to be one! Again, all numbers are on the front page of

Zeekler Penny Auctions and ZeekRewards is a once in a life time golden opportunity. All you have to do is get on board cause the ZeekRewards Train is on the move! Hop on board for a great ride!

You’ve found what is shaping up to be the most innovative and genius business opportunity ever created. Now just stay engaged, informed, be on all the calls and we’ll see YOU at the TOP! And don’t forget to place those ads!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Hello Zeekler Members and Fans!

September 26, 2010
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Zeekler’s Live Penny Auction Play will be “paused” for 2-3 weeks while we upgrade our servers and ramp up for the Christmas shopping season. Our Reveal auctions, wholesale and retail stores and all other site and company functions are still rockin’ and rolling with a huge influx of industry leaders who have taken “Zeek” by the horns!!

Int’l Mktg. Director Dawn is heading up a very high-end yet very “inexpensive” leadership advertising cooperative that was unavailable and unaffordable for the average Rep. until Dawn was able to get it for our members. Thus,  “Follow Me 1×2” was born! Contact your Sponsor or Dawn Wright-Olivares for more info and get your advertising needs met.

In the meantime, you can get out there and sponsor as many new Zeekler members as you can! We still have an amazing wholesale store you can start checking out and planning your Christmas purchases from all the great items we have for sale at the craziest, rock bottom prices you can imagine!

These last few months of the year could be spent building your business and start the New Year off with a HUGE bang! Zeekler is so inexpensive to get into with people being able to come in with as little as $10 per month! No lotions, potions or pills to stack up in your garage, only to have to toss them out later when they get too old and out-dated!

We have the perfect business model and the feeder program makes sure everyone can get into a positive cash flow if they only get started and introduce it to a few people! Of course the more the better! Get with Dawn and she can explain the whole system. It’s built on advertising so anyone can advertise any business they are working.

The bottom line is this. If you do nothing, guess what’s going to happen? NOTHING! And in this economy NO ONE can afford to do nothing about their financial situation. If you are a procrastinator, you’ll be sitting on your sofa watching the tube and won’t even know that life has literally passed you by. Don’t have to play “catch up!” Get it in gear and engage in the business that is right in the palm of your hand!

Let’s end the year with SUCCESS!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Don’t Miss the Zeekler Train! It’s Leaving the Station!

September 12, 2010
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Everyone had better get on board this fast moving Zeekler Train! We’re making a huge splash all over the Internet. Even other Penny Auction sites are recognizing us as an up-and-coming Company to watch carefully! We’re all over Facebook and our FB Fan Page is growing daily! If you haven’t “liked” our page get on line and go to our Fan Page and hit the “Like” thumbs up icon!

Naturally there will always be an opportunity in Zeekler for those who join YEARS from now. But it’s always a good idea to get a head start before the masses jump on board!

Invite anyone and everyone you know to get on our opportunity calls we hold daily. If each one invites only ONE per day, pretty soon we’ll have to get a bigger phone bridge! Besides, you get the information you need, both about Zeekler and how to grow your business from the Leaders of our Company!

Just stop and think for a moment. With the MILLIONS of people out of work or UNDEREMPLOYED, there is no limit to who you could talk to about this opportunity. When you help others the result is you help yourself! How would you feel if say, a year from now you are making even a few extra thousand dollars per month because you got to work and put in the time and effort, then one of  your friends, relatives or neighbors asked you why you don’t seem stressed and always have extra money for vacations, new furniture or anything you might need. When you tell them; “Oh, I have been working a home business and it’s doing pretty well for me.” When they ask you why didn’t you tell them, what would you say? “Oh, I didn’t think you’d be interested.” Now what do you think they’re going to say to you?

Naturally you’re going to have people tell you “NO” when you tell them about your business. Those are not the people you want to chase or beg to sign up anyway. You will get enough people saying “YES,” if you just keep going and never, ever give up. Make it a point to talk to a minimum of TEN people EVERY day. Get some business cards or make flyers. Every time you go out hand them out and just ask them to take a look at it and if they KNOW anyone who might need extra money to please “pass it on.” What you just did was take away all the negative energy from them having to tell  you know. You asked them for their help. Of course they will read it and maybe they’ll give you a call and say; “What about me?” Now you have a potential business Associate.

Besides, when they can start for as little as $10 per month, it’s not a huge amount of money or risk for them. Should you find someone who is truly serious they may want to start at the Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level. Just get their interest and see what happens. But remember, FOLLOW UP!

Get out there and make it happen!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Zeekler Recognized in Penny Auction Reviews! We’re FAMOUS!

August 27, 2010
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in Penny Auction Reviews

Not only do you get free bids with registration and a friend referral, but now you have the luxury of earning free bids for the life that your referral is active on Zeekler. If they buy bids, you get bids it’s that simple.

We’ve had the pleasure to interview one of Zeekler Penny Auction’s founders and here’s what he had to say about his company and the industry. We also want to give them a huge thanks for allowing us to audit their administration area and we can assure you guys that this penny auction is free of any bots. This is a requirement that all our featured Penny Auctions go through and we feel should be the standard across this industry.

Click HERE to visit Zeekler or continue reading for the full interview.

Q.Right off the bat, we notice you’re pretty transparent when it comes to getting in contact with your customers. Clearly there’s a great emphasis on customer service which we feel should be a primary concern in this business. What’s your view on this topic?

Zeekler is completely committed to customer service! We want our customers to engage with us and have built in many ways for them to do so. We have several ways that people can reach us either through the website contact us form, the Zeekler Fanpage, several direct phone contacts as well as our live conference calls which we hold Mon-Thursday at 4pm est and 9pm est.

Q. In light of recent negativity on this business we take great pride in our work and protecting the consumer, how does your company offer the same protection to your community?

At Zeekler we protect the consumer with our fair bidding policy, user agreements and privacy policy.  We are always watching our auctions to insure against any fraudulent activity.

Q.That’s really good to hear. Now tell us Zeekler is a pretty interesting name for any business, What’s the inspiration behind the name?

The CEO’s wife thought it was a cool name so he bought it!  We thought it was brandable and catchy…so we ran with it    Our mascot quickly became “Zeek Zeekler” and the rest is history in the making!

Q.How was Zeekler born? and who’s behind the Zeekler name?

Zeekler was born by word of mouth! Paul Burks wanted something new, fresh, exciting and sticky that coupled well with his existing online shopping business model and affiliate program.  We were sent a penny auction site by a family member and it was up and down in 9 days.  The site was gone but the model had us all intrigued.  We thought “highly commissionable, sticky, viral, profitable…what’s not to like?”  A week later we were in development. The people behind Zeekler consist of Paul Burks (owner) Dawn Wright-Olivares(Int’l Mktg Director/Dev), Dan Olivares (Programmer/Dev), Alex de Brantes(Community Mgr/Soc. Media), and a strong co-operative of leaders and marketers in the field.

Q.How long after the initial idea did you open your doors to the public? and how much time did you spend beta testing?

The site was developed from scratch starting in February 2010, we beta tested for almost three months under the name FSC Auctions and officially opened our doors as Zeekler in June, 2010. We implemented a brand new design, and facebook connect within the last 6 weeks and are looking forward to retail season.

Q.There has been quite a price war amongst penny auctions on the cost of bids. How much do your bid packs cost? and are there any refund policies?

The price per bid at Zeekler is $0.80/bid. We do not offer refunds nor do we vary in our bid prices due to our ZAP (Zeekler Affiliate Program).  We commission out up to .20c per bid on every bid purchased to our referring members.  This is what makes Zeekler different.  We do however offer bid promotions and occasional discounted bid pack offers.  We also do a great deal of contests and give-aways on our Facebook fan page.

Q.Do you give free bids with new registrations?

We give two free bids upon registration.  We are also going to offer 3 extra free bids for “liking” our FB Fanpage – which we are in the process of implementing.

Q.Great, so free bids are great but more free bids are even better. How does your referral program work?

For every person you refer to the website you get two free bids.  With ZAP – Free members earn $0.05 (a nickel) per bid on every bid pack purchased by their personally referred members. Premium members earn up to $0.20c per bid and qualify for roll-up commissions and overrides.  If you are interested in earning with ZAP – please join Zeekler under the following link and you will be connected with one of our leadership co-operative members as your sponsor

Q.How long after a win can a bidder expect the product to arrive? and what shipping service do you use?

The packages typically ship within 7-10 days via UPS or USPS.

Q.Are the packages insured incase they get lost?

The packages are tracked by their carriers.  We have not implemented “insuring” packages however none have ever been “lost” to date.

Q.Are there any big auctions or promotions coming up?

We are currently running a 40% bonus bid offer on every bid pack purchased by 8/26/10 @ midnight est in celebration of our 400th Facebook Fan!!  It’s our biggest bid give away to date – so hurry up and take advantage of it before it expires!

We are also planning our first charity auction for  in September.  Any Zeekler member can participate.  If you would like to support FreetheHikers in perpetuity with your bid purchases – you may register at:

Q.One last question. Can we get a poster of the little guy in the Zeekler logo? seriously no one gives us posters.

LOL – We’re working on tee-shirts as we speak.  We’ll see what we can do about a poster.  I am sure we can arrange something!

Great, we’re looking forward to getting out Zeekler shirt and more importantly we looking forward to earning free bids for all the referrals we’re going to send your way.

PS starting next week, Zeekler is going to have 12 hour Auction Days so those Free bid referrals will come in handy.

Article provided by Dawn Wright-Olivares, International Marketing Director, Zeekler

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Last Week We Passed Our 400 FB Fanpage Mark…Let’s Get it to 4,000!

August 22, 2010
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To all our Zeekler Members, new Fans and others on the fence “thinking” about joining Zeekler…”Get off that fence and jump into the fun!” You’ll have fun being a part of the Zeekler family, you’ll have fun bidding on great products and even MORE fun watching as your income grows week-by-week!

There are so many ways to make money at Zeekler. First of all, there is NO ONE who doesn’t get the importance of a “residual income.” That means that monthly…. and if you put your heart and soul into it you could receive a WEEKLY, welcome check in the mail that could turn your whole financial future around.

Did you notice the weekly unemployment numbers were at an all time high of 500,000?!!! That’s 1/2 MILLION good Americans out of work! If you have a job that’s great, but wouldn’t it feel wonderful knowing you were building a business that was creating another stream of income that could get you through ANY economic meltdown?

 How would it feel knowing you were building a financial fortress for yourself and your family? No matter what way the financial “wind blows,” if you have cashflow coming in on a continual basis you can pay off your bills, save some money and not have to live through the stresses of “too much month left at the end of the money.”

For some reason, America has become rather complacent in thinking, “Oh well, pretty soon it will all turn around and go back to the way it was.” “Jobs will come back.” Well, what if they don’t? Do you have a “Plan B?” Most people don’t.

Families and friends are moving in together just to “make it.” People are literally walking away from their homes because they are upside down in their mortgage. Many Americans are living on the edge. One paycheck away from the streets is not the way to live. But YOU are the only one who can do something about it!

Talk to ENOUGH people and soon you will begin to get “Yes” instead of “No.” People say no because it’s a well-planned lie. They are in fear of losing something. They’ve heard it all before. They’ve been disillusioned and disappointed. With Zeekler people can start for as little as TEN dollars! No huge risk there! And you don’t HAVE to participate in every auction to make money!

Those who are FREE under you will generate income to YOU just by purchasing Bid Packs. You’ll get paid on those who upgrade to full membership!

You can save money by shopping  at your own Wholesale Store! What’s not to LOVE about Zeekler? It’s ALL a WIN-WIN! Everyone in Zeekler works as a Team and Family.

We’re here to support one another in our Success! Join us. Get busy. Help enough people get what THEY want and YOU will get everything YOU want!

Welcome to your Future!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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How to Recognize a Scam from “The Real Deal!”

August 8, 2010
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By Dawn Wright-Olivares
Zeekler Int’l Mktg. Director

 If you are new to Penny Auctions, Network Marketing or both…and are wondering: “Is this a scam?” “How is it possible for this company to actually auction away these items at such ridiculous prices?” “Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?” You’ve come to the right place. First and foremost, the answer is No, we are not a scam. Like  other Penny Auctions, our business model loses money on approximately 70% of the products in our auctions. We make our money on “bidding activity” and also earn revenue on approximately 30% of specific auctions.

Here’s how it works: Every person who bids on Zeekler purchases what is called a “Bid Pack.” Our bids cost the bidder .80c each. When a bid is placed on an auction item (let’s say for the sake of this example – it’s an Apple iPad.) the company receives that .80c on every bid. So, on a $10.00 item – 1000 bids were placed – and the company received the equivalent of $800.

 We pay commissions and overrides up to .25c per bid – so the company now has $550 to work with. Then we purchase and ship the iPad to the winner which costs us $499. The company just retained $51, you just walked away for an iPad for $10 and the referring members responsible for your coming to bid (and win) on Zeekler earn “thank you” commissions on the bids you purchased. That’s what we like to call… “A Win – Win – Win Proposition!” We are extremely dedicated at Zeekler to our Fair Bidding Policy and to maintaining a fun, safe and profitable environment for our bidders and representatives.

Our parent company Rex Venture Group has been in business 13 years and has historically paid its representatives in the field  every commission check earned since its’ inception. “Is this a Pyramid Scheme?” Of course not!! “Pyramids” or “Money Games” are illegal and ask its’ participants to wrap money in tin foil and FedEx it to “someone else” with no exchange for product or service!

 The pyramidal structure is actually the “model” structure of every corporation and even the U.S. Social Security system. Why then are pyramids illegal? Because there is no “exchange” of product or service for the money spent and the only ones who “collect” money are the people at the top of the pyramid. When there are no longer enough people coming and sending money “up” to move people thru the pyramid – the pyramid collapses. An example of a legal – yet collapsing pyramidal structure/system is what is happening to social security. The baby boomers are all coming of age to collect (at the top of the pyramid)- with not enough people paying in from the bottom!! The structure will then collapse. Every CEO is at the top of his/her company’s pyramidal structure. That’s why he/she makes so much more than a mailroom worker. At Zeekler, with our compensation plan, every person has the same opportunity to achieve the same income or out-earn the person who sponsored them into the program.


PennyBurners – The leading watchdog resource of legitimate, authentic, unpaid Penny Auction verifications, has reported the following about

PennyBurners Final Say: We are excited about Zeekler! They are dedicated to providing an honest penny auction site and they offer some exciting features that you can’t find everywhere else. We have verified their site legitimacy and feel comfortable telling our users they can safely spend their money at To leave reviews and feedback, or to discuss this article please visit the Zeekler Thread <>  in the PennyBurners Community.”To read the full article please visit:
Zeekler is committed to maintaining a robust auction website with multiple types of auctions, features, and lucrative ways for all the ZEO’s at Zeekler to make money.” excerpt from interview w/ Dawn Wright-Olivares & Alexandre de Brantes – Zeekler

Zeek Receives the PAL Seal of Approval

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Things Are Rocking at Zeekler!

July 25, 2010
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Zeekler is the hottest thing to hit the Internet in a VERY long time! Sure, Penny Auctions are out there, but when have you EVER heard of one that PAYS you when those you’ve introduced to Zeekler go to the auctions and purhase bids? Yes, Zeekler is the only one. AND with Zeekler you get a wholesale store that’s full of fantastic and LOW priced amazing products! You also get a retail store you can send people to and when they purchase something, YOU get paid for that too!

So many people are raving about things they’ve won on Zeekler, from Ipads to a gorgeous watch exactly like the one Sandra Bullock wore in the movie; The Blind Side!

With our economy in this crazy situation, people are BEGGING for a way to improve their finances. The ONLY way is to find a home based business. Even Donald Trump said that very thing. A home business is the only way for Americans to solve the no job problem. Even if you have a job, chances are you’re not making enough to truly have the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want to do it.

Naturally we’re not EVER telling anyone Zeekler is a “get rich quick” opportunity. There is NO such thing. If someone tells you they have an opportunity for instant wealth, run don’t walk as fast as you can. Your earnings will directly reflect the effort and time you put into building your business. Additionally, you’re going to have to find a way to market your business. If you do some searching you can find ways of getting your business seen and traffic to your website, but it’s going to take some time. If you have little money it will take more of your own effort. If you have some money to spend on advertising or marketing, you’ll still need to spend time on your business. No effort=no $$$!

Get on as many of the daily calls as possible. You may think you’ve heard it all before but most successful people say every call they get on they learn something new or that they’d never thought of before. AND you’re sharing some time with people who want succss and a bright financial future.

Watch the BOSS for information on a new evening call number and an hour later call time.

Read books on success. Put the advice into practice. GO FOR IT!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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Time to Get Your Bids and Win Some Great Products

July 15, 2010
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Zeeker is in full swing! All you have to do is get in there and purchase your bid packs and join in the fun! Many of our members win their limit each and every week. We hear only positive things about our products up for bid and we’re growing by leaps and bounds!

We now have a huge presence on Facebook! If you’re not at least a Free member what are  you waiting for? Not only that, imagine coming in at even the $10 per month level and begin to see your own home business growing…from a Penny Auction site! Zeekler is the only Penny Auction that is actually a home based business opportunity. You get to share in the profits from those under you who buy bids!

In addition you’ll get a fabulous wholesale store to purchase products that are of the highest quality for pennies on the dollar you would normally pay at retail stores! In the back office are even more perks and resources to build a successful and strong business that could help support you and your family through any economy if you just share the opportunity with enough people.

With the millions of Americans and people from other countries out of work or underpaid, they absolutely MUST have an additional way of creating income. And you could show them how for as little as $10 per month! With the savings people realize in the store AND the great products to win on the Penny Auction site it’s just crazy not to take advantage of what we are offering.

If you’re already a Zeekler member, what are you waiting for? Get out there or call everyone and anyone you know and ask them for their opinion. Just tell them to take a FREE position then get on the Penny Auction and watch the bidding. Ask them to tell you what they think. The next thing you know they’ll be buying Bid Packs and getting in on the action! Once they see the value and experience the excitement they’ll upgrade with very little urging on your part. It’s just makes too much sense not to be a part of something HUGE!

Chris Molinari, Editor

See you at the top!

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Welcome to the World of “Zeek Zeekler!”

June 14, 2010
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Have you ever heard the expression, “Pennies From Heaven?” Well, you may have just stumbled upon an opportunity to make the MOST out of those shiny, adorable little pennies that usually end up thrown in a drawer or jar somewhere in your home and put them to work!

Here’s some GREAT advice…get them out, dust them off, polish them up and get in on what is proving to be one of the most exciting and fun activities AND home businesses to come along in a very long time! Welcome to the world of  Zeek Zeekler!

In today’s world no one can afford to waste a penny, right? With Zeekler you can take those pennies and virtually bid at our Zeekler Penny Auctions and win items worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for a 10-25% discount on any product in the auction. 

One of our members won a Kindle worth hundreds of dollars for FORTY-SIX CENTS! She’s also won many other items and saved lots of $$$$! Our list of super products and sought-after items are growing every day and people are bidding like crazy. They love watching the clock tick away and with a mouse click, they have won items and told us they  jumped up and down with joy at the money they saved!

Zeek  Zeekler is our mascot and he’s waiting to meet you on YOUR website. Oh, and of course there are  other Penny Auctions out there but ours is the ONLY one that actually PAYS members when others buy bids to use in Zeek’s Auctions! Now I’m sure you’ve never heard of that before. You’ll have a blast bidding on great stuff with the potential of getting paid as others bid even if you don’t win a particular item! Now anyone who can’t see that as a HUGE opportunity is pretty much living in an alternate universe!

So get in there, get your “Bid Packs” and start bidding! Zeek’s waiting!

Chris Molinari, Editor

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